If a patron of your business got COVID-19 after visiting your business, they may have a claim against you.


Claims that could cost you thousands of dollars in medical and legal bills and can financially devastate your businesses.

My law office is now working with small businesses like yours as they re-open.


So if you are a business owner and you or your staff has close contact with your customers, then it is critical that you watch the free training below, AND you being utilizing a COVID Waiver.

While state and federal officials are working to draft laws, there is no way to tell when they will be released. 

Or, if they will be effective in protecting and legally covering your business?

​Like this virus, this type of litigation has never been seen before.


There is no way to know how Courts will interpret this volatile situation.


But luck favors the prepared… Watch the training below.


Watch the Free Training

There's a chance that one of your customers might develop COVID after visiting your business. The question is, did they contract the disease at your business? And, have you taken the right steps to protect yourself if they claim it was your fault?

In this free interview, NJ attorney Cara Parmigiani walks you through the exact steps you need to take to protect your business from litigation.

This training is for Salon owners and their staff.

"How to Protect Your Business from COVID Litigation"

Interview with NJ Attorney Cara Parmigiani

Download your COVID-19 Waiver for FREE Below


Protect Your Business

While there is nothing that can protect you from being sued, but you can do something to help put you in a better position to defend your livelihood ...


And that is a strong waiver that clearly and explicitly releases you from liability in the event one of your customers gets sick.

Failure to have a properly written waiver in place could cost your business thousands of dollars in legal fees and medical bills.

AVOID scouring the internet for a poorly written waiver with questionable protection.

AVOID higher cost alternatives to having an attorney draft you a new legal document.

AVOID the worry of wondering "what would I do if one of my customers did get sick and blamed me?"

Download your FREE COVID Liability Waiver 

and Protect your Business.

COVID-19 Liability Waiver
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Cara represents small business owners and entrepreneurs in the New Jersey Judiciary Court System and municipal court. She also provides legal support to several New Jersey based firms.

Cara has a background in martial arts and is no stranger to fighting the good fight. She has gone toe to toe in both court, and the ring. 

Cara has been featured as one of Super Lawyers top attorneys.

She is also a mother, artist, dog owner, and political advocate.

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