Dear Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners,


Starting and growing any new business can be overwhelming, confusing, and down-right painful… 


You need to form a legal entity, write some sort of partnership agreement, craft employee contracts, create goods and service agreements, negotiate your lease, and much more…


Maybe you’ve considered doing all of this yourself by jumping on Legal Zoom and downloading some generic forms or templates.


Maybe you’ve scoured the internet “borrowing” contracts and agreements from your competitors and trying to make them your own.


Maybe you’ve hired someone to jerry-rig a few legal documents (although you’re not really sure if they’re the right ones, or what else you’ll need to build and protect your business).


Or maybe you thought to yourself, “I can take care of this legal stuff after I open and I’m making some money. After all, if my business fails, I won’t need any fancy contracts.” 


Here’s the problem…


There’s no way for you to know if any of these “solutions” have adequately protected your business, and prepared you for success.


Without a properly structured legal plan you are unprotected and vulnerable, and you don’t even know it.


It’s like sleepwalking into a busy highway...


In fact, according to Forbes, “somewhere between 36-53% of small businesses are involved in at least one litigation in any given year...”          


Disputes with clients, partners, landlords, and employees, are just a few of the dangers you face.


True, there is risk to any new business. Heck, if you’re anything like me you are no stranger to risk. 


I started my law practice from scratch. I’ve been injured numerous times while competing in amateur kickboxing and Judo matches. I’ve run for public office against tough odds.


But there is one thing I will never risk… 


And that is the welfare of my family. 


Your business IS your life. It pays for the roof over your head. It feeds and clothes you and your family. It’s the biggest and most important investment you will ever make.


It MUST be protected. 


Chances are, you will encounter a legal problem. 


The question is: Are you and your business adequately prepared and protected, or are you sleepwalking into a legal highway?


Hey, my name is Cara Parmigiani, and I help entrepreneurs like you avoid legal hot water and expensive mistakes so that you can focus on building the business of your dreams.


I help you by cutting out the "legalese" and getting to know your business from the inside-out.


Together, we will develop a legal roadmap. You will learn exactly which contracts, forms, agreements, and negotiating services your business needs in order to safely grow and scale.


And unlike the alternative, you will know exactly what it will cost you from the very beginning. 


I believe working with an attorney should be painless, enjoyable, and uncomplicated.


So, whether you are just starting out, you’re struggling to grow your business, or you’ve been around for a while and have a feeling your business is not fully protected, then let’s get on a call and chat.


In your complimentary Discovery Call you will have an opportunity to learn what your business needs, and how we can work together to prepare and protect your most precious financial asset. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

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Attorney at Law, State of New Jersey

Cara is the Swiss army knife of lawyers - energetic, sharp and ready for all contingencies.


Jeff Horn